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Established June 6, 1806
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  District 1 Symbolic Lodges: Northern New Castle County 

 Wilmington Washington Lodge No. 1  Worshipful A. James Grant, IV, P.M.
 Wilmington Temple Lodge No. 11  Worshipful David J. Conly, III, P.M.
 Wilmington Lafayette Lodge No. 14  Worshipful Van O. Olmstead, Jr., P.M.
 Wilmington Eureka-DuPont Lodge No. 23-29  Worshipful Kevin O'Rourke
 Wilmington Oriental Lodge No. 27  Worshipful Ronnal G. Sutton, P.M.
 Wilmington Brandywine Lodge No. 33  Worshipful Clinton D. Robertson, IV, P.M.
 Talleyville Granite-Corinthian Lodge No. 34  Worshipful Jerome R. Troy
  District 2 Symbolic Lodges: Central and Southern New Castle County 
 New Castle St. John's Lodge No. 2
Worshipful Stephane G. Sabourin, P.M.
 Middletown Union Lodge No. 5
Worshipful Joseph Rozmarynoski
 Smyrna Harmony Lodge No. 13
Worshipful Daniel H. Hall, Jr.
 Delaware City Jackson Lodge No. 19
Worshipful Rick Hoopes, P.M.
 Newark Hiram Lodge No. 25 Worshipful Michael W. Barnard
 Newport Armstrong Lodge No. 26 Worshipful J. David Lewis, III, P.M.
 New Castle Ionic Lodge No. 31 Worshipful Joseph K. Walus
 Newport Unity Lodge No. 32 Worshipful John A. Bailey-Thompson
 New Castle Christiana Lodge No. 35 Worshipful Christopher M. Wessells, P.M.
 Newark Solomon Lodge No. 36 Worshipful Stephen M. Tucker, PJGS

High Noon Lodge No. 38
The Only Daytime Lodge
Worshipful Bruce A. Beck, P.M.

  District 3 Symbolic Lodges: Kent and Sussex County
 Laurel Hope Lodge No. 4 Worshipful David B. See
 Dover Union Lodge No. 7 Worshipful Kevin C. Livingston
 Milford Temple Lodge No. 9 Worshipful Brandon J. Smith
 Georgetown Franklin Lodge No. 12 Worshipful Christopher D. DeAngelo, Sr.
 Lewes Jefferson Lodge No. 15 Worshipful Ronald Ferraro, MSA
 Milton Endeavor Lodge No. 17 Worshipful Billy Thompson
 Seaford Hiram Lodge No. 21 Worshipful James Compton, Jr.
 Reliance Gethsemane Lodge No. 28 Worshipful Greg R. Massey
 Millville Doric Lodge No. 30 Worshipful Robert Buecker
 Dagsboro Delaware Lodge No. 37 Worshipful Chad M. Marvel, P.M.
  Other Lodges
Delaware Lodge of Research Worshipful Kenneth Weaver, Sr.

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