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Message From Grand Master M:.W:.Dale T. Irwin

Dear Brethren:

Each of us has chosen and requested to make Masonry an integral part of our lives. Our Masonic teachings and principles help us to create strong families and become better members of our communities. We have an obligation to the fraternity, our families and our communities to set an example of living life in peace and harmony while relieving the distressed and aiding humanity. It is not the wearing of pins, medals, and rings that identifies us as members of this fraternity. Our charity, respect for others, and demonstration of moral values in daily life, mark us as Masons and significant contributors to our communities. Let’s show these qualities as we travel through life together.

Our mission ‘Committed to Providing the Experience of Fraternalism to All Men’ should be in the hearts of all of us.

Our Staff is eager to travel throughout the state visiting Lodges and Masonic Bodies, while looking for opportunities to increase visibility and grow Masonry. Let’s all work together and enjoy our fraternity as we continue to develop stronger Masonic relationships across all jurisdictions.

Words cannot properly express my gratitude to each of you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Grand Master for this Masonic Year. I have faith in all of you that by working together, we can move Masonry forward in Delaware and cause it to prosper throughout the coming year.

Fraternally Yours,

Dale T. Irwin
Grand Master


Third Floor
818 N. Market Street 
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
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