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Rules for Delaware Masonic Webmasters

1. No listings of Grand or Subordinate Lodge Officer's home and/or business addresses or phone numbers. EXCEPTION: You may list the address and phone number of the Grand Lodge of Delaware.

2. E-Mail addresses for members can only be listed with their prior approval.

3. Activities listed will not contain statements indicating that it is "OPEN TO ALL MASONS", or any other wording that may be construed as such. It is permissible to announce activities that are "OPEN TO THE PUBLIC" such as Lodge Officers Installation, Ladies nights and other related activities that have previously been established. If in doubt seek approval through the Grand Secretary's office.

4. When listing activities for Masons, they will be referred to as "A.F. & A.M.", or "F. & A.M.", or "FREEMASONS" only.

5. History may be listed for your Lodge, but NO reference will be made to any type of "MODES OF RECOGNITION" of Freemasonry.

We suggest the history of your Lodge be extracted from the pamphlet already published known as "Reflections on Delaware Masonic Lodges", by our Past Grand Historian, PGM James H. Hutchins. Which is considered the hallmark by the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Delaware.

6. Final "COPY" of all Web Sites or changes to an existing Web Site proposed by a Lodge will be sent to one of the Internet Committee Members listed below, for approval prior to being set-up on the Internet.

Any questions concerning the Rules & Regulations governing websites for any Blue Lodge listed under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Delaware, please feel free to contact one of the members of the Internet Committee for Internet and website Business only and the Grand Lodge Officers for Grand Lodge Business appropriate to their offices:

      Chad T. Robinson, PGMar    (Chairman)

      Jeffrey W. Hague, PGMar

      Terry C. Martz, PGMar

      Patrick Light, PM


Please feel free to send any comments or questions about this website to the Webmaster.

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